• Mesmerizing symbols that change everything and long reverberate in your conscience calling you to do what is right.
• Thought-provoking truthapedia - a survivor’s blueprint to being in integrity with all of life.
• A quintessential handbook to right living based on ancient, timeless principles.
• Trance inducing symbols that bypass the mind and its defenses taking you to the magic of subconscious wisdom, working their enchantment - transforming you in ordinary to extraordinary ways.



Symbol Odyssey: Guidebook to the 108 Uncompromising Principles of Wisdom and Truth encourages the reader to embrace and interact with archetypal symbols representing each of the universal laws. This visually stimulating book has paired ancient to modern, and even newly created, symbols to each of the long-existent 108 undeviating universal principles of wisdom and truth. In the book's layout, every one of the 108 laws is briefly defined. Each principle has a carefully selected symbol that carries a vital force that visually and energetically represents the truth and wisdom of the law. Generously peppered throughout the book are profound, philosophical, meaningful, and/or witty quotes to further illustrate the meaning of each law and its illuminating symbol or image.