What we believe


ZENZAR.CO is a low waste creative studio based in NY, dedicated to exploring symbols of the past, present & future.

Explore symbols and signs as mediums to evolve the self from within.

We embrace symbols, believing each one is informed by intelligence and serves a dynamic purpose. Symbols document our lives. Symbols are powerful and they come from our observation which has a direct effect on our world.

There are literally worlds in which we live in. It’s the macroscopic world that we see. It’s the world of ourselves. It’s the world of our atoms. It’s the world of our nuclei. These are each totally different worlds. They have their own languages. They have their own mathematics. They are not just small. Each is totally different but they are complementary. Because we are our atoms but we are also our cells. We are also our macroscopic physiologies. It’s all true. They’re just different levels of truth. The deepest level of truth uncovered by science and by philosophy is the fundamental truth of unity. At the deepest sub-nuclear level of our reality, you and I are literally one.

Our goal is to lead you to power, knowledge, truth, wisdom, transformation, and balance by spotlighting and designing symbols that speak to your conscious and unconscious minds inviting you to effortlessly partake in higher levels of personal and worldly consciousness.




Ordinary Truth, Extraordinarily Lived









BY akita MOON



while you can

make meaning

of symbols

through the mind,


we also hope

that these images

will guide you in a way

that goes beyond



wear them.

meditate on them.

wash them & wear them again.


make them your own &

let spirit b r e a t h e   

into you, like timeless

& cool cloth.